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It all started in January 2014 when big room and house music came up. I slowly began to gain experience in electronic music production and placed prepared garage band loops from one position to another with the help of my mobilephone. Soon after that I installed my first music program on the computer and started creating my own loops.

In 2016, I released my first Big Room collaboration track together with Jelumix for the Spinnin Talent Pool under the name DJ Sky. It was a minor success for me because from one thousand participants, it reached place 143. From then on, I decided to recreate myself with a new artist name. Finally I choose NoVinum which means “no wine”.

One year later I did an internship at a radio station in Munich. There I was able to gain a lot of experience in terms of editing and mixing different music titles together. In order to expand and deepen my skills, I began to study audio production at the SAE Institute in Munich. I successfully graduated in February 2020. During my studies I took part in myfirst remix contest for Morgan Page “Beautiful Disasters” and released my first single “World” on the label “N9L”. In which I was part of the founding team (Cathertzz, FreshStuff, Zaal and Rikky).

In 2019, I started my second Remix Contest for Julian Gray “It is what it isn’t”, where I reached Place 35 from 130 participants with my Crossover Version.

At the beginning of 2020 I took part in two remix contests like the one from Alicia Keys “Time Machine” and the one from Autograf “Ain’t Deep Enough”, which gave me a bigger range. I later on released my second Single “Summer in Brenna”, which gave me even more exposure on SoundCloud and Spotify. Thereupon I wanted to try something new and decided to participate in the “Spitfire Audio — Westworld Scoring Competition”.

In August, I released my collaboration track “Reprise”, which I produced together with the artist Cube and was part of the compilation album “Colors Vol. 2″ from Graydient Collective.

The album reached the Beatport charts at number 60, electro house at number 1, trance at number 4 and techno at number 11. In addition, three major music magazines such as EDM Identity, Dancing Astronaut and Electric Hawk supported the compilation. At the beginning of December 2020 I played my first Online Gig at the Graydient Gallery Show. There I played my released tracks and upcoming ID’s. I also included ID’s tracks from Artists I support.

So, if you like what I do or you’re interested in working with me, then get in touch. Let’s do something awesome! I am open for everything.

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